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08-22-2010, 12:01 PM
--removed for whackness

08-24-2010, 06:39 PM
Dear Mama, I know I aint been the best kid
Let you down so much at hell lvl your faith's resting
But honest to God, if theres one, im investing
Time and thoughts to get the ambiance more festive
Ive grown from the lazy, immature hard headed kid
That acted like going your way was a far stretched risk
I love you and thats I want you to know
Youre a queen mama! And I want you to glow

Dear bro, I know sometimes it seems I aint give a shit
Its not that, youre just an unfunny annoying prick
Sometimes I just dont know what to do
As a big bro, when erthing seems wrong wit u
Youre so fkn hardheaded and insecure
Motivated by money, fame and wholl sex you
I try to talk to you but its like you dont listen
Maybe im not violent enough in the way im adressin
Issues, but I admit to sometimes not give a fuck
Anyways I luv you bro and I wish both of us good luck

Dead sister a, theres so many things in you I admire
Its so obvious youre a product of mama you reek of fire
You finished high school swiftly with high honors
Now youre about to make uni your bitch and run her
Not to mention you kept a stable job the past 3 years
Helping mom with shit, yourself, and a brother with free gear
Youre the most motivated person I ever knew
If I ever doubt I can do something, youll be forever proof

Dead Sister b, fuck you, dont know fuck is wrong wit you
You made my life shit, I wish I wasn't brung wit you
Youre mean, selfish...along side all bad known to man
You got lots of friends but I bet god's not a fan

Dead pops, I know youre somewhere else doing great works
So I aint mad if we see each other less than blind folks
Just kidding, I know they need you over there
So I dont catch feelings tough I aint seen you in a year
You sent me over here so success I strugle less for
Lifes a bitch everywhere but you paid me a high escort
I dont know you that deeply so it might seem like a short letter
Stillz, I love you, your next visit Ill get to know you better

08-28-2010, 02:57 PM
Reality Check

Dont act in a lazy fashion, my actions denote passion
My work ethic's so extreme slaves would give me an ovation
Listen as I aspire to retire a wealthy lengend
When Ill be a veteran my fire and desire'll still be present
Mcs hesitate when im in the state to mic meditate
It goes beyond a system that vibrates, the world levitates
Word on the street is im great, probably truth or honesty
Honestly, I sit on top of the game like a bird nesting
The next thing to get necks thin after the boston strangler
Investing, not resting till my rhymes slam jams like a wrestler
The rest are, in deep shit cause peep this
Even eskimos cant adapt to how cool I keep it
Its not a secret, who I am and my personality
Cuz my bars arent based off of someones else reality
I never moved bricks, I hardly even smoke weed
But Im gifted for moving crowds and spitting wut the folks need

09-21-2010, 04:26 PM
I Start Wars of galiktikal proportions like Star Wars
Once challenged I fly so fast to space the time goes backwards
Grabbing a whack mc by the neck like a femdom* gyal
Delivering him to the sun who also framed my style
Thats how the black urban superman whoops a man
U still wonder whos the man? Ur dumb, thats like asking if the Wus a clan
Rap Laden, spark mics like our ancestors from back then
Raw, naturallys none more original than I am
In a 3 way I still make both girls feel like they got gangbanged
In a relay battle I kill your whole team and its no damn thing
Its understood now Im the megalaktikal, mega tactical
Spit flame on a sucka and leave just enough intact to crawl
Back to his base so through his face his patnas feel my rage
They asked for God to be proved so I laced this lyrical grace
And man my physical place is with the kings and presidents
I just spat that phat rap that has no precedent

*female domination: a type of porn that features bitches sexually and violently dominating men