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10-10-2005, 10:02 PM
Aite... since the other thread got flooded with girl talk.. ima scoot these verses over here... maybe yall can come back with somthin' this time...

Dupreez response.....

Spoken word...easy digest you, come out like on of my turds,
pull your chain, flush you down, in the sewers pleading wit splinter,
Ure a joke, making me laugh at southpark, "Mr hanky" strikes after dark,
79 days 4 u to reply, 75 days till yep - u guessed it Mr hanky saves christmas,
A veteran?, this training day? u fucked wit more than a russian,
fuck u up so bad kingshyt gets concussion, u "dread" my reply,
like a "rastafarian" i got the natrual supply, ur rhyme scheme lacked in "visual sight",
even stevie wonder "turned a blind eye" with eight lines i kiss ya ass goodbye


Spoken: response to that^

Dupreez, you can't get the fact, I'm better, let spoken do the math in
And even my "throwaways" has got your ass "going thru my trashbin"
Son, if you ever recorded, I doubt anyone will cash it, tho
N if u "vomit in their hands", its the only way they "catch your flow"
Cause ur just not the dude to be rapping, and ur rhyming was weak
And if your friends produced, i doubt they'll ever supply u a beat
Pencils are not for you, and your whole verse was lame n defeated
Your getting "played with a fist in ur throat" like the "Game was bullimic"
Its a shame your deleted, and if we ever met, I should smack u more
Cus your wackness alone is something the corp should ban you for
So if I slapped you sore, you'll prolly think I'm just made for rage
Spoke is so dope, i make jesus head nod when I'm saying grace
Try getting your dudes, fuck it, i'll just destroy they souls
And "shit on ya'll" so bad, I'll make your scalp my official "toilet bowl"
You should be happy that i dissed you, just cus all u do is shit talk
"wiping away cum with your tongue" is the only way you "lick shots"
So quit talking, and for once, display what you got, or dismay quick
Cause you have yet to show me the "best of you" like a "mixtape disc"
"put your money where your mouth is" if you poppin the verse
But in the end, all you ever do is straight "talk with your purse"


* I moved my verse to Tek's thread*

Grim Reapa
10-10-2005, 10:04 PM
u keep forgeting me yo, i posted a diss

10-10-2005, 10:10 PM
My bad homie...

Genius Allah....


Tecknicel stylez says shit outta, 'his ass', Calls himself a, 'gangster', looking like even more of a, 'jackass', He cannot compete with PIR and he knows it, Got his chance to battle me, 32 lines and he, 'blows it' Man fronting like maximott as a , 'gangster' what are you smoking, Stop posting, 'your goose is cooked', and this area is,'non-smoking', SL did not even have to post a picture cause its not worth anyones time, The only time you, 'commited a crime', was stepping on wucorp and, 'trying to rhyme'.......

Grim Reapa
10-10-2005, 10:12 PM
sall good homie just he called me u and spok3ns lackie