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09-02-2010, 01:34 PM

No tears for fears fearing noone the man's eerie
no matter if you spit raps push packs or bust caps check the block theory

verse one

slaughter tunes to tarnish goons bandits swept up with brooms
beat em sturdy hamper dirty niggas give em thirty lumps
once provoked your poked another pussy hit with a pump
so leave by eve or catch a light for your trees
you know i'm tight with the thieves an idol to your seeds
so don't believe the motive is greed split em with ease
eager to box punish you sharks shot to the heart
drop in the dark it's war in the park watch where you walk
even cowards spark in fear around here talk is rare
it's a danger-zone in the alley another strangers gone
mid-night mourned by a broken-hearted mom with grief in her tone
they wrote his name on the stone he's avenged by his brother
so all we have is more bullets, death and another family to suffer
we see his image through re-birth though the hood took em under

last verse

protection is needed after a scuffle your shoes are scuffed
torn cuff links as your chased to the bus by villians that bust
it's crazy son my peeps sent to early graves by guns
bullets are name-less they kill the unknown and the famous
little man stole the stainless and shot a man to the dust
all we know is white owls and white sheets before Obama got the president seat
my set isn't weak better belive i'm backed menaces deep
so prepare to find a 5-9 or grind the murder rates don't decline
there's no such this as a gangster's paradise in a dangerous mind
see most are blind when the game is crime peace is hard to find
so with no fathers and only mothers how are seeds going to stay in line??
i guess preying's fine but niggas want to spray n' shine
tricked by lies 85% of the time redemption is mine
wrecked by times tribulations and trials cover-up's uncovered know
abortions are foul but these welfare mothers can't afford a child
bass-head in the rain missing all you have to do is follow the smoke clouds
it's like were playing for the title but someone took the coach out
judges hanging us when we refuse to cop out and it's a set-up trial

09-02-2010, 04:38 PM
tight stuff

09-03-2010, 12:37 PM
thnks man got your verse will write to it probably over the weekend peace.