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09-05-2010, 09:26 AM

Sha Stimuli has been on the verge so many times, we stopped counting. But, one thing he hasn't lost over time is his skill and sense of humor. Sha is Brooklyn all day, but recently relocated to Atlanta. The exceptional lyricist offers fans "Unsung," a hilarious - yet truthful - commentary on the state of Hip-Hop. "I love my mother, I hate raccoons. I like cats, I watch cartoons...I'm unsung." Its not disrespectful. But it definitely makes a point by showing how simple the formula is for certain types of rap. At first listen, it just sounds like a hot rap song, but upon closer listen, you will hear a lot of parodies in it. Guess who he's poking fun at.

09-05-2010, 09:45 AM
My name is Sha (my name is Sha), that's with an A (that's with an A)
I'm from NY (I'm from NY), I be in the A (be in the A)
I was broke (was broke) but now I'm paid (now I'm paid)
Not really but they told me that's what I should say (unh)
I'm 2Pac (Pac), I'm Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre)
I'm Dr. Oz (Dr. Oz), I'm Dr. J (Dr. J)
I'm Dwayne from What's Happenin, hey hey hey (hey hey hey)
I'm alot of people....
I rap slow (rap slow), I think fast (think fast)
I make dough (make dough), I get cash (get cash)
Left lane, I whip past (whip past)
These haters sweat me, gym class
I probably could've thought of somethin better there (unh)
But you don't need rhymes when you're everywhere (nuh unh)
I'm out in Greece (out in Greece), Paris, France (Paris, France)
Barcelona (Barcelona), Pakistan (whoo!)
I just came from China with somebody' baby mama
Try'na teach her son to fight... I'm Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan)

I'm unsung, I'm unsung, I can't sing, so I bust guns (ahh)
I'm gettin this dough from a drug run (That's right)
Ya'll niggaz know where I come from (okay)

My street life is not pretend
Got a coupe the same color as oxygen
I whip work like a breakfast meal
Every damn day try'na get a mill' (come on)
Even if the shit I just said aint real (what)
It sound real good so ya'll better chill
I'm eatin food (eatin food), I'm washin dishes (washin dishes)
But I don't dry 'em (I don't dry 'em), that's for the bitches (you, bitch)
While you at it after that girl clean the kitchen (clean the kitchen)
You want me witcha? You need to listen (unh)

I'm unsung, I'm unsung, I can't sing (nope), so I bust guns (yep)
I'm gettin this dough from a drug run (come on)
Ya'll niggaz know where I come from (unh)

I'm shootin niggaz all the time (all the time)
My chain glisten, my watch shine (unh)
My belt's black, my paper's green (paper's green)
So what I say the obvious that you can see (I don't care)
This is how you spit to make that real cheese (unh huh)
You're you (yes you are), I'm me (yes I am)
I use the toilet, cause I'm the shit (okay)
I'm Herbert Hoover (what), I'm too legit (yes)
I'm MC Hammer's 43rd dancer that was happy
Someone gave his ass a chance before he joined the Crips (that one time)
I've been ridin, I'm Bin Laden, I'm Joe Biden, you Joe Theisman (oh)
I'll break your leg, then do the Heisman (do the Heisman)
Baking soda rap, bars keep risin (unh)
I love my mother (love my mother), I hate raccoons (hate raccoons)
I like cats (like cats), I watch cartoons (all the time)

I'm unsung, I'm unsung, I can't sing, so i bust guns
I'm getting this money from a drug run
Ya'll niggaz know where I come from

Cold salad, hot grits (yes)
Warm spinach (true), ice chips (unh)
If that's too deep then you did not get
What I just said, it means I got bricks (yep)

Poison Flowerz!
09-05-2010, 10:12 AM
E Sermon did this on "Can U Hear Me Now?"


[Erick Sermon]
Yo, this what hip-hop is comin to?
You can say whatever on the mic and win?
Let me see if you can hear me now when I'm doin this

Can you hear me now? Good
Can you hear me now? Good
("Turn it up!") Don't take this serious

[Erick Sermon]
Yo check one two, mic's on
I'm well known like the Osbournes
Me - I love Kelly
See us both in the bed man, touchin bellies
This here "Pimp Juice," I got from Nelly
I got "Punk'd," show it on the telly, damn
My eyes green like Yoda, get cream like soda
Two thousand ("FOUR") means a brand new motor
Phoenix, capitol of Arizona
But that means nuttin, I'm just sayin somethin
Spare the moment them niggaz is suspect
I took a line from Keith Murray off his first cassette
I never took my dog to the vet
And I download songs off the net
But you would rather hear some rapper brag
Meanwhile, bombs bein dropped over Baghdad

[Chorus: x2]
Can you hear me now? Good
Can you hear me now? Good
("Turn it up!") Can you hear me now? Good - Can you hear me now? Good
Can you hear me now? Good

[Erick Sermon]
Check it, yo it's Erick I'm down by law
("TWO") plus ("TWO") equals ("FOUR")
I got no time to razzle and dazzle
I'm in the crib with dad playin Scrabble
I'm usin words like rat, cat
Cheating cause I wrote down Brat
And Brat's a rapper and you can't use names
Oh yeah, the Lakers lost last night's game
I caught me a flick I saw X-Men 2
"Where My Dawgs At?" I'm a X fan too
I'm black like Kunta, my girl got the badoonka
Let me introduce ya ("Hi I'm Big Sexy")
And this ain't got shit to do with nuttin
I'm on the microphone frontin
But this here wins, so I'ma say whatever to get spins
I got a Benz with rims, uh


[Erick Sermon]
Uh, so mean, never seen the green, knahmean?
This jump off need two trampolines
Rock hard jeans sag low, new Timberlands
I works it like Missy and Timbaland
Cuban link chain hang E emblem
Chick 'round me multiplyin like Gremlins
Word to my momma, I bring drama
Like Osama, I'ma problem, period comma
I come through with the Bizkit, Limp'n
The Underground Kingz in the building, pimpin
Oh no, they must be feelin me
Pinch me now, this don't feel real to me
Oh yeah, it's my son's communion
Next month is my fan's reunion
Write this down in your pad
I'm thirty-("FOUR") and a half, and yeah I'm a Sagg'