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interesting shit

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nice one sunny repped.

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Essay Ahead, but I'm a prolific writer, so sue me.

Are white people the only ones who knew this? That we didn't cause slavery? Yes Europeans bound each other to servitude but in Latin for example Slave and Servant (Servus) are the same word. It just means someone who works for you. Historically the greeting in Europe would be "At your service." Which basically means "How can I help you." Likewise in Scandinavia and with the Celtic peoples, Thralls may have been property, but they were basically treated as family (In the ancient world you belonged to your parents until you were an adult.)

In addition the peasants of Europe were effectively slaves. If a serf left his lord's lands he would be chased down and either beaten or killed. Don't act as if southern aristocrats treated slaves any different then whites treated whites for hundreds of years. Basically more Europeans suffered as slaves under Europeans then non Europeans have suffered under Europeans.

In addition the majority of Slave owners were more then civil to their slaves. While the practice of slavery is immoral and contradictory to the founding principles of our country (before is was stricken out, the Constitution was basically a joke as it trumpeted protections for a practice which were completely against its underlying goals.) The only reason slaves became dehumanized was to make the practice "legal" under the constitution. The whole idea that blacks were inferior beyond the only pertinent fact that they had been defeated was created to justify the slavery of Africans. If Blacks weren't human then "All Men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence wouldn't apply to them. That's basically the only reason we have the problems we do today. We legalized slavery of a group of "subhumans" while prohibiting it for the rest. However they weren't subhumans they were just from Africa.

Basically slavery got turned from a completely natural social practice where defeated nations would be directly absorbed into society from the bottom up became a disturbing mockery. Originally that's all it was. If my tribe defeated yours you'd be distributed among my people as servants until you had earned our respect and would be freed and become just another member of the tribe. Being a slave was sort of an initiation. Eventually it got more complicated, but for much of the Roman Empire slaves were the most powerful people in the Empire because who has more access to the Emperor than his butler or barber?

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In addition the majority of Slave owners were more then civil to their slaves.


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Yes. Most people who owned slaves treated them nicely. Most people who owned slaves (already a minority of people) only had 1 or two. Slaves were very expensive. Unless you're a psychopath you don't smash your windows with a lead pipe when the wind shield wipers don't work. People hit their kids when they do something wrong. I doubt they beat on their slaves. They might hit them, but everybody hit everybody. Men were Men, women were prostitutes, and society was different. I'm not saying atrocious things didn't happen, but a single picture of a severely beaten black man doesn't mean everyone did it.

The real racism came after the civil war which was as much a middle finger to the North as to the slaves. Southern people are crazy. You know it. I know it. I accept it. Hot weather does something to people's heads.

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Yes. Most people who owned slaves treated them nicely.

yea my history teacher told me the same thing in high school. It must be true

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that last boarz post was the single dumbest couple of paragraphs i read in my entire life

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Stop hating yourself and deny all wrong doings by all affiliated and representatives. If Pilate washed his hands so can I. Everything I said in this thread is the truth and if you can't tolerate it you can all crawl back to your cages.

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Slavery has been toned down ten fold but I still believe in it existing through aspects of it and reformation of the older, way older, systems. The major waves of slaves throughout history were only projects for modern day and future ways of it I think. But we live with slavery now and it's like now you know how a lot of slaves who either made it or managed to live happily did the same. Those truely blessed people in life, those truely joyous people [Job in the Bible is an example of such people and people like him], people like those were studied and are where the Slavemasters found how to upgrade the system so the masses would fall in line much easier.

In my theory an example of modern day slavery is Supply n Demand. They used to treat slaves like pure shit history tells us and one one to change it for we feel like we're living true freedom is by giving us a little itty bitty piece of the pie. Nothing in the world is free and so wasn't anything for the slaves. They're only return was food and water to survive on and today you can't eat without having money - think about that for a second. If you were starving wouldn't a damn body put out for you other than maybe a shelter or the few good people on Earth and what happens when they run out of money to lend out?

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the fact is that a slave is a slave and a slave getting treated nicely was solely dependant on that slave doing the work and not running away.

if the slave owners were so nice then why not let em free?

see how the young white youth are easily fooled?

boarz is an idiot.

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