View Full Version : Doc of Slang

09-15-2010, 09:32 AM
Shoveling holes making moles out cha scrolls my flows
float in winds rides in the sky back to the future with a McFly/
pesty check cheese cupboard nip and tuck darts you can't buck
how you ducking iron when you ain't clapping like Duke Nukem/
I roast cha turkeys with turds that be jerky spit twerking
you ain't jabbing files uploaded by the pile driven by the mile
or doing the dougie when Fresh when beat boxing with the Ruler/
get cha knowledge born rhyming corny get cha balled out the gym
my masters in blastmatics get me crafting swords sharper than the Razor's Edge/
pledge cha take beyond of breaks now we soaking in lakes
my pressure be addressing textures never resembling what cha etching/
tempting now I see whys the eyes go with cha soft as an angel booty
spit cues now flip fools now I got tools to school you well/
ill put cha pell in my grants slant cha canvas now I got answers
put cha in moves wrestling refuse to use, who knew/