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The Big Conspiracy

Posted 11-24-2009 at 05:54 PM by WARPATH
The Big Conspiracy, The Creation of Man, and the Awlful truth of it all.

At one point we all knew where we came from.

At another point we met up somwhere for dinner and a conversation.

We couldn't remember if we met each other before but we could see that we were related somehow.

Some us started telling others where they were from based on what they ate for dinner. Some of us judged each other based on what we brought to the table.

So the person with the tastiest dish got the best reviews that night, the reviews weren't based off of nutritional value.

The next time we met up for dinner, some of us started sitting on the side with the cook from whom they thought the food tastes best from our previous encounter. They associated each person's culinary art with the conversation.

The reveiws weren't based off of nutritional value.

So as we kept coming back to eat together, the same people sat together as a majority and started to get fat. They shared recipes and gave each other rave reviews. Pretty soon there was set menu and we all decided that we'll eat from these select recipes from now on.

Buy this time we were so busy getting fat and sleepy, nobody wanted to converse.

Some one at the end of the table tried to remind everyone else about where he came from and what they should strive to achieve at these meetings, but his opinion wasn't respected. Nobody liked his food and the intoxicated fat man next to him drowned out his words spitting cake crumbs all other place.

Then one night some new comers came to eat at the table. That night the food wasn't cooked right, it tasted artificicial, or somthing else was wrong. I think somebody spit in somone else's wine cup. People were crabby that night they started arguing. They decided they didn't like the new comers dish because it wasn't anything like what was on their menu. They were arguing over where the new comers at the table came from and how they should cook their next dish.

Pretty soon a food fight errupted. Pies were thrown and people left with egg on their face. The skinny guy that only ate veggies got crushed under a fat man's weight. That was the last night we ate together as a family.
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Jesus is the creator of the beginning...

The First Book of Moses Called Genesis King James Version HOLY BIBLE...

1. In the beginning GOD Created the Heavens and the earth...

Nice Article, Please keep them coming! The new comers to the table were the Apostles and are the Apostles and The Wu Tang Clan Led By JESUS CHRIST and O.D.B. (Our.Dear.Brethren.)


Posted 07-07-2010 at 11:33 AM by maCmoses maCmoses is offline
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