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So I'm still trying to figure out how to get this stupid blog shit to work the way it's supposed to...maybe this will stick.

I hate the internet. How odd is that? A meduim with the potential to connect every person on the planet, a global marketplace capable of offering me almost any product or service imaginable...this is evil. Well, not really. Maybe I'm just a little jaded. Have you read "McWorld vs. Jihad"? Don't let the title fool you, it's about economics/politics. Good read. Kinda dry though.
I miss the fact that once upon a time, you had to talk to people. Typing words at folks around the globe is cool, but I know the kind of impact I have on people in RL and it's hard to bring that across in cyberspace. Body language, facial expressions, and vocal tone are the majority of communication, and this medium takes all that away. The average person barely skims what they read (I'm guilty of doing this too!) and we only half listen to what others tell us (cuz we're so busy waiting to say what ever it is that buzzes around in our craniums that we just don't really LISTEN), so how am I to communicate effectively with my fellow humans?
If you tell me the sky is blue and I disagree, am I crazy? U might think so, but I'd have one question for you: what is the sky made of?
RZA said on the Wu Forever cd that most won't understand because they were not meant to. What's your percentage?
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Titles [cont.]

Posted 06-11-2008 at 09:31 PM by BornPower
A chinese man once tried to explain the concepts of the yin and the yang to me. Imagine trying to explain the difference between Ghost and Raekwon to a Nigerian that doesn't listen to hip hop. It was almost that frustrating to him.
I felt dummmm, so I did some research.
The yin and the yang are actually one simple concept that we (as westerners) are constantly trying to dissassemble when the concept of the yin and yang (the SINGULAR concept) reflects the completeness, the symmetry, and the contraryness (is that even a word?!) of existence.
It's symbol is typically a circle split by a sinuous line, one side black with a dot of white and the other white with an island of black. This simple symbol says SO MUCH.
One of the strengths of the Chinese (or the eastern peoples) is their ablility to hold two opoosite ideas is their mind in balance.
Absolute evil is balanced by absolute good, right? Well, kinda.
One cannot exist without the other and to proclaim one better than the other seems idiotic (to me anywayz, but what do I know?). I see it as perspective.
If I sell blow on the block to support my family and I'm a loyal, truthful, and loving member of my community (a la American Gangster) am I worse than a politician that pushes forward his lobbyers' agenda at the expense of the slum villages across our country?
It's a debate, alright.
I break the law to provide my family with things needed to survive (food, clothing and shelter) while our so called representatives manipulate the law (but don't break it) so they can victimize the citizens they've sworn to protect...
Where was I goin with this again?

Yin and yang. Right.

The yin is often characterized as the feminine aspect, the color white, and goodness. Yang is the aggressive one, black and evil. Also called the Tiger and Dragon (like the movie) the yin and yang also offer a blueprint (of sorts) to enlightenment.
The crouching tiger seeks the hidden dragon, and the balance of the two leads to true knowledge (or so I understand. look for yourself!).
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