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2pac's "Changes", Named One Of The Vatican's 12 Favorite Songs

Posted 12-20-2009 at 05:50 PM by ALCATRAZ

Almost exactly eleven years after its posthumous release, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur's 1998 hit "Changes" has been selected by the Vatican as one of the institution's "12 Favorite Songs" as part of a playlist for MySpace's new streaming service MySpace Music.

The distinction is the first time the Catholic Church has officially recognized the work of any popular American
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The Big Conspiracy

Posted 11-24-2009 at 05:54 PM by WARPATH
The Big Conspiracy, The Creation of Man, and the Awlful truth of it all.

At one point we all knew where we came from.

At another point we met up somwhere for dinner and a conversation.

We couldn't remember if we met each other before but we could see that we were related somehow.

Some us started telling others where they were from based on what they ate for dinner. Some of us judged each other based on what we brought to the table.
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New 2Pac Quoting System

Posted 11-01-2009 at 02:20 PM by ALCATRAZ
B.C. = "Before Caesar's" (Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas)

Book 1 - 2Pacalypse Now
Book 2 - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
Book 3 - Thug Life: Volume 1
Book 4 - Me Against the World
Book 5 - All Eyez on Me (Book 1)
Book 6 - All Eyez on Me (Book 2)
Book 7 - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (As Makaveli)

A.D. = "After Don Killuminati"

Book 1 - R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
Book 2 - Still I
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Might tip my hat, whistling in the Graveyard...

Posted 10-29-2009 at 11:13 PM by ALCATRAZ

Former Black Knights MC, popular for his ultra-detailed multi-layered poetry, and correct english pronounciations. Has a limp in his walk due to truck accident many years ago during a lone visit to Japan.
Warcloud has become the subject of much recent debate due to the sudden change in his rhyme style. Although his lyrics are still largely "multi-layered and ultra-detailed", his
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On it

Posted 09-18-2009 at 01:21 AM by BornPower
It's funny how you never know who you are talking to until you really get to know them. My friend Sekmet introduced me to performing and I'm into it now. We talkin mics, albums, tours, the whole nine. She's read some of my work here on Wu-Corp and she even supports the idea of a self-published book. Just think, I met this woman when I worked at Cricket (yeah, I know...) trying to cell her a phone. My next Earthly vessel will have to be an artist.
So I'm spreading my wings a lil as...
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