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  1. i was just asking , i want to visit the u k some day , i got a thing for punker bitches , are there punker bitches there in the u k ? thats cool , my favorite member is Ghostface , but when i get tired of listening to ghostface , i listen to Gza , I like the way Ghostface flows, He grabbed my attention first on his solo albums and guest appearances . Gza , i wasnt into him , but then one day coming back from tijuana mexico , (towards l a )(tijuana) is a border city south of l.a., its like 2 hours south of l . a . , its in mexico ) , i threw on Gza liquid swords , and i was struck , i dont know the name of the song but i liked it a lot , i thought it was hard, i think its number three. I thought Rza had made a good beat , a very hard ass beat, so yeah , i like Gza and Ghostface the most, did rza make that beat ?
  2. alrite mate. Hull is in the mid-east of the U.K (cos I know there's a Hull in the U.S) it's a city in a county called Yorkshire. why do you ask?
    my fav member is Deck, he made a lasting impression on the 1st & 2nd wu albums with his ways of attention grabbing lyrics starting his verse/starting the track off like RZA said. who's yours?
  3. whats up oldie, where is hull by ? whos your favorite wu member ?
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