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  1. LOL yeah k. Giants got one on us. But there will be a round 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can I holla atcha for a minute...?
  3. Ha. Oh hell. That would be some funny shit.
  4. I'm juss' tryna imagine all the people [the 6 showing] on your friends list all chillin' together ROFL.
  5. Ha Ha I'm chillin' yo.. you know what's on my mind.
  6. Niggas suck ass. Go Jets! Hahaha

  7. Oh.
    Hi there.
    Didn't see you there.
    How have you been lately?
    We really haven't communicated in...2 weeks almost?
    What's new?
  8. Haters gonna hate
  9. What I imagine most people hear when you attempt talking sports with them.
  10. Blah blah blah
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