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  1. thanx I'm checkin it, seems like a great job again!
  2. It's hard if you are trying to make a 4/4 track, I suggest trying a different beat structure 6/8 or 3/4 nobody experiments too much with time signatures in hip hop, this will drastically alter your flow of course, but that's why it's an experiment, right?
  3. Wow I really didnt knew it, maybe that's why they had only one hit on that one.
    btw 3/4 time songs are almost impossible to sample I've tried with Metallica's "nothing else matters" once :s no way !
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IslzZ...eature=related

    This is my fav, notice it's a waltz, 3/4 time
  5. It's a hidden gem, Wild Honey wasn't one of the more popular of the Beach Boys albums, Only one song "Darlin'" was a huge hit, but you should listen to it, it's really bluesy, a total reversal from their earlier stuff. Instead of a bass guitar, Brian Wilson spends the bulk of the album pounding on the low keys of his Baldwin piano. It all blends seemlessly at a crisp 24 minutes...Can you imagine a 24 minute album today? Wu-Massacre was 30 and heads went nuts!
  6. Great Sample, between RZA's hands it will be an instant classic, I'm surprised he didn't use it before (or did he ?)
  7. I'm fine too, thanx.
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