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Conversation Between SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS and Drunken Monk

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  1. what about skype lord?
  2. do it
  3. cean ya pmbox
  4. Do you want me to drop heat on that track i can do that asap
  5. re doo
  6. The drunken lord represents
  7. Check ya pm box g
  8. re do it.. verses are ok but IMO i think that chorus are fucked up
    re do chorus ..my point of view

    btw u kill the beat
    major propz lord
  9. yo drunk bout 2 send u the new the track called "what life does" migth re-do it ify bout the chrous let me know what cha think http://www.zshare.net/audio/651262220cdb68ea/
  10. perfect
    take ya time
    pz sheep
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