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  1. Yeh man i just found out about afro beat to be honest, its fucking awesome, I want to hear more of his dad Felas stuff..

    Also Shoki remixed is such a heavy album it hurts...
  2. no where close, but probably one of the most respected. P-Square Dbanj and Tuface can all sponsor his life. P-Square actually had the highest record sales in 2007 world wide.

    but Femi is the shit, his more streamline take on afro beat is nice and easy to listen to. One of Fela's set backs was his shit was too raw. 32 minute sax solos and shit. He just did whatever the hell he felt like but Femi has more structure and is generally the shit.
  3. Femi Kuti goes hard


    He's like nigerias biggest celebrity right?
  4. haaha, is that from that incoherent skampoe nonsense?
  5. "insides start to get warm, before the god hit him up with that call"
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