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  1. ill man, i'll check that site out. that wireless monitor or whatever it was you mentioned sounds dope.
    here's a site i go to for apps n vids n shit

    ouch man, a BB? i ain't too keen on them haha never heard a good thing about em
    i heard iphones were bad ass but i've never touched one.
  2. Ohh yeah, Touch Pro..haha, should've know.
    Xperia ain't too bad. But the hardware kinda sucks..within a month i had the first cracks in it and such.
    Also..the panels that it's got aint too special, but all in all a nice phone.
    Check here for SPB http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/
    Some nice software there. (didn't pay for it tho..ssssh)
    But i'm almost done with my T-Mob contract..so i'm thinking of getting an iPhone or BB.
  3. oh my bad i assumed to quickly.
    touch pro 2.
    how is that experia?
    when i had my t-mo shadow i did some modifications to make it look like ur phone.
    NRG put out some bangin roms man, i can't complain.
    i wish manilla 2.5 got out of beta already.

    whats SPB?
  4. Haha, yo help me out here...what's a tp2?
    I still got that Sony Ericsson Xperia. It came with WM 6.1..so i upgraded it to 6.5 with that NRG Rom.
    I only put some other shit on it, like TomTom, Opera browser, CallFirewall, and some SPB shit like wireless monitor and TV (which i recommend).
  5. yo you got a tp2?
    have you done any other mods to it or not really?
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