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  1. Don't get a gun! At least not legally. That will be the first thing they go after when martial law is implemented. What you should be doing is stocking up on necessary supplies for when hyperinflation hits..Unfluoridated bottled water, non-perishable food, a generator, 9 volt batteries and steel wool, sleeping bags and tents...look for alternative heat sources and hand filtration systems for water.
  2. damn. i knew it was fucked up but damn. them motherfuckers are gonna have to kill me for real. like you i also hate guns but i may need to cop one now.
  3. The H1N1 vaccine is a travesty which not many seem to understand. It is NOT 1 booster shot, but three separate injections. Get this....the first DESTROYS your immune system, the second reprograms your immune defenses, and the third kick starts your immunities again. The government is NOT telling people this. So those who get the first shot and are not informed that they NEED the other two, will go home thinking everything is hunky dory and could die from anything at all. I personnally will never take it because I don't trust what they are doing at all.
  4. whats good B-Rock? i see ben made good on his promise to get u kicked outta the vatican. im not sure whut u did. dont care to be honest but it could not have been that bad son. no worse than tissa and skamp been doing. but like i said before i got no beef with u son, u one of the more intelligent cats on here so its all good!

    and i also see you know a lot about the whole illuminati shit as well. what do you think about this h1n1(correct me if im wrong) shots the government is trying to implement in october. i havent read much on it yet but i hear if people refuse they will get thrown in camps or outright killed.
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