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  1. lol fortunately I don't! I might have a hard copy somewhere but it would take ages to find. yeah I try to have hats of dif colors to match lol and hell yeah I've been hitting the sales, just yesterday I got 2 jeans for the price of 1 and I'm planning to go back after NYE to get some shirts that go for the same 2 for 1 discount lol. what kind of cat u got? is it one of those arrogant types that defy u when u look it in the eye? lol
  2. do you have any pictures of you with blond hair? show us! if it feels cold outside then you should invest in a couple of hats, most of your body heat escapes from your head.

    i'm still on holiday, i don't go back to college until the 12th. christmas was good, it was quiet but everything went well. just planning on going shopping in the sales soon, i haven't been clothes shopping since i got the cat. are you hitting the sales?
  3. damn, never went that far exploring hairstyles lol, either had it short as it is now, dyed blond at the age 10 because of too much eminem on tv or when long either braided, savage or most of the times segal lol

    ye my head does feel cold but this winter is fuckin weird we had a couple of days when it was freakin 17 degrees outside around christmas LOL

    so how r the holidays treating ya?
  4. i bet your head feels cold in the wind now. lol.
  5. lol

    and nah, i haven't had a bob cut since the late 90's. but since then i've rocked the buzz cut, mohican, asymetric, ugly betty, etc. some were similar to these:

  6. yeaah I still flick it all the time lol and everytime I go to sleep I still feel like I gotta take my hairband off lol. also I used to tighten my ponytail often so now I look like an idiot with my arm automatically reaching towards the back of my head but now there's nothing there so eventually I do this neck scratch not to look weird LOL

    but I think u need proper swag to rock the bob as a girl, u still do it nowadays?
  7. i've done similar to what you've done. back in the days, i used to let my hair grow long down to my waist or near there and then one day, just go to the hairdressers and get a short bob. when leaving the hairdressers after getting my hair cut it always felt like a weight has been lifted. i then go home wanting to flick my head from side to side cos it felt so weird.

    did you feel like that?

    oh, and i felt sorry for the girl on omegle. she took about 10-15 mins to think about my last sentences before she disconnected.
  8. naw it feels really refreshing actually, more like finding new strength than losing any
    I see u having fun on omegle LOL!
  9. it was a brave decision. how do you feel now that all your hair has gone? do you feel like you've lost your strength at all?
  10. thx, after 4 years of rockin the segal ... it was time! lol
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