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Conversation Between INF and Drunken Monk

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  1. yo lets battle together in the 2vs2
  2. yo fam i cant finish the battles cuz im out till 15 juny

    i will back wit ill shit

    keep it real
  3. poll @ laid back battle ozmozo vz me
  4. okkkk man
    i will do
  5. I am not gonna upload another song. If you are telling me that you cant make a track out of that track then dont ask me for a sample again. ppl sample rap songs all the time.go for it.there is more than enough material there to fuck with.

  6. yo man about the beattape against mai wang...

    why u uploaded a rap song?

    choose another sample
  7. Done deal family, all out in the open too!1
  8. ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

    Im going to it right now
  9. u girl sucks
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