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  1. cool man look forward to it, peace
  2. I was looking to get the lil b diss out by 9-11. shit got pushed back with the music and I'm not sure about the 9-11 date. I'll try to get something out by then with the lil b diss though.something like an EP.
  3. yoyoyoyo
    peace goddess
  4. peace when is your lil b diss out this month?
  5. cheers, bro dl'ed a few hours ago
  6. Def man, sounds good
  7. 2 hidden tracks are being added to the demo.

    I am making a pre-demo today out of some older material.It's called "Drink from a Volcano".I'm gonna burn 15 of them and put them in a mall like Easter eggs.

    I'll also have a DL link for "Drink from a volcano" and I'll hit you up with it if you want it. It has 10 songs.
  8. there are 9 tracks on the demo.they are some of the best beats I have shared here and then a couple of unheard ones.
  9. sounds cool dude how many tracks is ur demo gonna be and have u got any beats tht u have posted on the forum from that demo?
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