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  1. peace Razor, i have to turn down the shirt unfortunately, but yeah i can throw up a post on the GFK shirt soon.. i usually don't post anything that isn't directly about music, but i can make an exception.
  2. yo claa! its been awhile, u still interested in that shirt?


    also can u do a brother a solid and spread the word on your blog homie?

    peace! suuu
  3. I can keep one aside for u if u really interested man. Let me know
  4. WOW, that Ghost shirt is FANTASTIC, i would definitely wear that. great design and everything.. i think a lot of Wu-Tang related clothing looks cheap, but definitely not this one... too bad i ain't got the $$. thx for the tip tho bro!!
  5. yo Claaa7

    peep it!


    ghostface x ironman shirts!
  6. hey man i got a message from a poster named Fate who was wondering why he wasn't able to post yet and he didn't know who the mods where (i only got powers in the hip-hop shop reviews section). he's been here for a week so maybe y'all can let him post. peace fam
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