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Conversation Between NIGHT MAYOR and J-Cee

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  1. yeah it was pretty even, they both had some dope calls, i like how kerser sung "if you only knew a dealer, dealer" lol

    hate 60 but he has some dope punchlines/word play
  2. yeh watched it,pretty funny..i expected more,but yeh wasnt a bad battle.
  3. you see kerser n 60 going at it ?
  4. haha your trippin bro,i azint even into kerser that much,n fuck that battle rap shit,too many corny cunts who are accepted into the leagues when they should be at fashion shows instead.
    yeh syd aint got much on the map when it comes to cunts who are known,but we got quite a few dope underground artists who come with different shit,n real shit,not gay cunts wearing skinny jeans who shouldnt even be in the scene,ehehe.
    kerser in brissy getting bent over ^

    you kunts are slippin, not being mean but sydney rappers are at the bottom of the list b4 N.T n Tassie
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