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  1. Man im not bs-ing on anything stop getting paranoid its not my fault some people are bidding all that money. These things are a lot more rarer over here than in the US, so they will go for more. I didn't know that it would sell for all that.

    I havent done anything but let it go. anyway if I'm being honest fam, I know u really wanted it but your better buying one from a Guitar Centre - you will save alot of money anyway.

    Why were you so mad on buying it from me though? It was costing you way more than it should in america. This should be a good thing for you lol
  2. I'm hoping that this is all just a joke and u didnt do me like I think.....GET AT ME.
  3. the fuck man??????? Im sitting here with 7hrs left on that bunk ass auction and somebody bumped it way past 300. fuck that shit.
  4. lets go
  5. ....seriously ,stop the auction.
  6. lol get in in kid!
  7. well im the highest bidder on ebay so either way.Im gettin my shit on an you fixin to get paid.
  8. word ok man. i cant log into my paypal right now for some reason it did mention though about it being down for maintenece tonight.
  9. Ready to buy
  10. alright I got that today.get at me.
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