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  1. erase this message under me when you get it.YOUR PM BOX IS FULL OF GRITS!!!wont let me send pms
  2. anyway like I said dont worry about that it doesnt mean anything the deal is still on thats just my back up in case you didnt come through!! im not saying you wont, but anything can happen in life

    but like I said, this needs to be sold in the next 2 weeks, so I have to have a back up IN CASE something happened with you
  3. yo man dont be throwin that link around gen chat i dont want people fucking with it

    i told u i got u on it

    that listing dont mean anything, i can stop it anytime if the price aint right!
  4. good lookin out! Peace
  5. tha god inf

    new count bass mixtape out kllin em out there son!!!

    happy dub-dime

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