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  1. h ha!!
    thanks P-
    ppreciate it man
  2. You know i posted them tracks up for you right??? I didn't know i posted them on my board lol
  3. oh, nah fam, i'm just lookin for a couple fresh tracks for a mixtape i'm puttin together, i dont need you to fly me the whole albums- peace
  4. word-
    i just need a fresh new joint or two from Trife and from AZ-
    i know u got good taste, just pick me out a couple grimey ones-

    i dont know how to share mp3s, i would if i could tho g-
  5. yo u got goner, message from ghost, computer love, and house guest feat fab? by ghost?

    i just anted up on madd albums..
  6. what joints u speaking of fam??? the albums??? i got the albums.
  7. p-
    can you fly me a dope new joint by AZ, and a dope new one by Trife Diesel?
    holla- peace
  8. nah fam if i did i woulda passed it fam...
  9. p-

    did you get that mobb deep/bounty killer - deadly zone---

    i been wantin that too--

    fly me a link if you gots it--

    peace g-
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