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  1. i'd roll with joker, apocalypse, mr sinister (sue me lol), loki & sinestro.

    i agree about the Norman stuff... he really put on his big boy pants and got with the villian program. Thunderbolts was a great idea imo.
    i've always thought his archenemies never truely gave him a run for his money... Kingpin more so than anyone else but there were some great stories in there.

    I liked brubakers run on DD cause it gave him more of a real essence to him... like it made him more human than a character and he does that well but it's so well i get a little bored with most his stories.
  2. damn, villians huh. so many good ones.
    joker, of course.
    dr. doom
    i really became a fan of norman osborn after he dropped the green goblin daisy dukes and started to lead the thunderbolts and became the iron patriot. they kinda made him the marvel lex luthor.
    i like captain cold now that hes a straight g. lol
    man i could go on and on. magneto. sabertooth. bullseye.

    and yeah, im a huge daredevil fan. i think hes had some of the best and most entertaining storylines in comic book history. ever since miller elevated the character, creators have been very good to matt murdock. (except the guy cant catch a fuckin break.lol)
    damn dont like brubaker? his daredevil run was fantastic, i thought. and the immortal iron fist is great. worth checkin if you havent already.

    what villians do you like seein, poetic?
  3. mine would prolly be
    Moon Knight (even tho his last two runs have been horrible)
    Green Lantern

    i wanna include x-23 but she hasn't been as dope as she was at first. i think some writers cater to the fact she's a young girl which kills it.
    I used to like CapAmerica & Spidey alot too but after BND i quit reading his book altogether & i don't like Brubaker so i quit Cap a while back.

    I was askin cause i seen you talk about DD more than the other cats in the comic thread and i hardly see anyone show as much interest in him as i do.

    got a villian list?
  4. if i had a top 5 superhero list it would probably go something like-
    luke cage/iron fist (cause i like 'em the same. lol)
  5. u got a fav supahero?
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