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  1. Why what happened I thought you were riding for those dudes? Hasn't Shaka been trying to release an album for years now?
  2. U WERE RIGHT G! getting associated wit those wu wannabes is shit.. i preffer to do what i used to do back in the day. to make underground hh wit unknown dudes
  3. thanks for the feed and +rep. i will spread some rep as soon as i can, how you doing btw
  4. pm the beat to bronze feet so he can do the poll
  5. im done wit the beat
    ar u ready?
  6. aight . how length? 1 30 at least?
  7. i'm working the next few days, say the 10th.
  8. that new sample is good. when the deadline?
  9. battle is gonna be intense!
    i drop mine today or tomorrow sure
  10. sample is very dope braah thx!
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