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  1. fo sure i will spread it like that old virus called ilove u or somethin like that....

    btw, if u have time check my preview of wucorpology (available 1 july)http://wutang-corp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=77391 and leave a comment if u want ..

    peace bro

    take care
  2. your welcome fam, just spread the cd around like a virus!!!! I'm probably going to release it on my birthday sept. 10th P.e.a.c.e
  3. u are welcome man
    cant wait to listen that

    thanks for that vip copy

    peace bro
  4. good lookin , Glad to see ya in my boy graves group , I been making music with grave since , 2003 , and when I'm finished this cd with PR Terroist since youe in the group , I'll hook ya up with a V.I.P copy !

  5. welcome to our group cliff


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