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  1. btw, i tried to give you some +rep but it says i gotta spread it around a little first so i'll hook you up later. pz
  2. yo fam, i was wondering if you could do me a favor. since i switched to my new laptop i can't use audacity anymore and i tried everything and can't rip streams, etc, anymore and it really bugs me. it would be a huge favor if you could rip just this one track for me, in stereo (i ripped it once a long time ago and i accidentally ripped it in mono) in 160 kbps or 192 kbps. i owe you big time!!! the song is "Spend It" by DITC, and can be streamed here:


    just click the button, "click to listen" and a pop-up window with a streaming player appears, and just play and rip. much appreciated fam, thx in advance and please let me know as soon as possible. if u can't do it, no problem. peace
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