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  1. jammin dew you remember.??? u jammin that when i evah n lyfe catch up 2 you imah off ya on switch.meanin that imah kill you kill u mama ya daddy imah reel n sane muthfucka.u dont belive that im a wu fam nigga then fine.1 thing u will belive iz u betta not let me find who u really are.ok pussy.and that goes 4 eany body that dont like me u have a problem about me sayim that im down with wu-tang clan.then thers 1 ting u can find out what state im livein in and cafrount me.but all yah on the internet love 2 hate the east new y0rk raaddrr-van nigga.word 2 my dead niggaz.if i evah and all yah herd me type this shit and say shit.i will fuck yo life up if i find u.and bet that on my ceeds. so 2 the people thats feelin me on wu-clan corp. i love yah peace. but 2 does jammin type muthfuckas i gat dat black gat commin at u.
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