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Conversation Between Tecknowledgist and Guarded By Martyrs

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  1. Ok, ready when you are Teck, how you wanna do this ?
  2. holy shit eh. forgot about that haha. i wrote sixteen for it and posted it in a thread in the S9 chamber. i was bored so i recorded it lol
  3. Hows your verse coming along Teck ?
  4. aiiiight, lets DO IT
  5. Ready when you are Teck.
  6. I'm grotesque, a vampire suckin blood like Kotex
    A Black Stork leaving stillborns on your doorstep
    I raped Mother Earth while Father Time and the Lord slept
    She birthed a wounded goat with three sixes on its forehead.
    False prophet, spit pure heat like raw vomit
    A king cobra slithers through my eyeballs' sockets

    Fuck you Teck with your perfect verses.
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