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  1. "Aliens landed, said our planet wasn't worth invadin' because all the natural resources are fading.....I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence..."
  2. Ahhhhh, the season is over, I can't wait til the fall....season premiere "Something Something Something Dark Side...."
  3. Here's to the black man, thanks for taking it all in stride
  4. ...Slowly Rotating Black Man.
  5. He crawled through a river a poo to freedom, which was kinda odd considering it was enchilada day.
  6. lol.... i had a few quotes lined up to post... but i just started listenin to warlcoud so it kinda fucked me up. best family guy episode ive seen in a while though. shawshank shit was epic... with the friends theme tune hiding the rock on the pipe.
  7. Do you remember the name of the town?.....GOD DAMMIT!
  8. Can I read it while I touch your ear and suck my thumb?
  9. "Respect is all you'll have left in the morning"

  10. "Want a cookie...?"
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