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  1. Oh, yea, I was planning on contributing to everything in the top 50 at least.

    So, yea. We truck on!
  2. no man, you misunderstood what i meant.. i definitely like the way we're having it now with the collaboration and it being anonymous. what i meant was that for the absolute top positions, like positions 1-5 i feel that those songs are so important that we might both want to add our piece on it. we could of course each write our own part and then we put it together into one review without separate with our names.
  3. The clue I got was the fact that on chop chop they say "This is Shaolin" and at the end they are chanting Wu-Tang Wu-Tang. I would say 1-8 shaolin, 9-17 Wu-tang.

    As for the final reviews, we could do that, but to be honest I wanted the keep the reviews completely collaborative and anonymous because it gives the feeling of a collective mind. Sure, we can disagree, but for the most part I gloss over that shit because we are telling a story more than reviewing.

    However, I understand if you want credit for everything you write. To me it doesn't matter.

    We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but I would seriously think about it. I don't want this to turn into a Siskel and Ebert situation where we're bitching over everything. That isn't the point. The point is, we know our shit, and for the most part, we agree on most things Wu-Tang, because we're the experts.
  4. yeah i'm with that idea, no doubt.. also i was thinking, for the final songs we could each write a review like this:

    BeautifulRock: somethingsomethingsomething

    claaa7: somethingsomethingsomething

    tbh i didn't even think about which sides were which when i was listening to the album. from which track are each side do you think?
  5. Which side you liking better?

    I have an idea.

    In post 13 of our thread we can start a new list of post 2010 tracks that we feel deserve recognition. We can keep it updated.
  6. ha, good catch. how i never noticed that is beyond me.. no wonder that album sounds like it's from the '90s when it has alot of reworked beats of the 1990s
  7. thanks fam
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bElrUU5nNqI

    Ironically, we removed it.
  9. A master meets a master, masterful!

    Very good. Your summations in short sentences are a huge strength for you.
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