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  1. i hear you, i've been having a bit of writers block myself lately. but i haven't really been trying either, i haven't written anything on the review yet but i was thinking about what you we're saying about something to open the review with. i think in the case of this album it's ideal to start with a short description of "Chamber Music", leading in to the similarities with this one - the executive producer role of RZA, the live music played by The Revelations rather than relying on samples to re-create a feeling of that good ol' Shaolin Soul, the use of Clan members with other heavy NYC artists, Lil' Fame of MOP's and Noah Rubin's involvement in the production department.

    do you happen to know the production credits for this release btw? i'm thinking it's mostly done by the aforementioned guys, i know the three first leaks where credited to them. i think "Start the Show" is done by Jimmy Kendrix though.
  2. sorry, just woke up, so I just got your messages. I think they are pretty close. LW is structured better as an album, but CM ha better quality tracks and less shortcuts. I think they are both around a 4/5. My problem is, I can't get started. I'm having trouble jumping off my thoughts, and getting the ball rolling. If you can start with an opening statement, it will help me to get a direction, and then we can both review tracks individually. All i need right now is an opener, and then I'll expand and send it back to you edited, and then we can move on to individual reviews, and then a conclusion. I'm happy to have it in your blog, always.
  3. btw which one do you like better, "Chamber Music" or "Legendary Weapons"? tough choice for me, but i gotta say that "L.W." feels more like a Wu affair in that most of the songs features like 3 generals/beez, and loads of Ghost.. listening to it right now, i need to pick this up ASAP
  4. yeah for sure man, i haven't really thought about it but it's a dope album and it would be fun doing something together again. i won't have the time to write anything today i think, possibly later but how you wanna do it? i'm thinking either we write a review each and one of us (preferably u) can edit the best parts together. or, we can do a track-by-track review, where we do 5 songs each which would be kinda lika we've been doing in the Track Reviews section. what u think?

    i'm gonna post the review on my blog too, of course giving you the proper credit
  5. yeah for sure man, i haven't really thought about it but it's a dope album and it would be fun doing something together again. i won't%
  6. you gonna do a review for legendary weapons? wanna collab?
  7. I'll be working on the 200-151 section most of the day. If you could finish up the missing reviews for 201-300, that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. nice going my man!! i've been just as lazy lately, been having alot of studies, plus the blog and everything but eventually we're getting there! hope everything's ok with you otherwise.. peace
  9. finally got done with the edits...been lazy as fuck-all lately
  10. don't sweat it, i've mistakenly done the same to you. shit happens mate!
    i got the basics for "Dat's Gangsta" and "Gun Will Go" on a paper i wrote on the train ride today but not "The Game" but it's easy to fix. i'll do it tomorrow. peace
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