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  1. I won't be on for a while, go crazy
  2. are you editing right now?
  3. perfect!
  4. I gotcha...

    The 'Ghost Dog' album almost plays out like a Killa Beez compilation with the majority of the important Wu-affiliates getting a chance to shine over raw RZA beats, reflecting the Samurai style of the film's assassin. Timbo King and La the Darkman mimic this theme on the classic collaboration "Walk The Dogs", one of the most intense pieces on the album, complete with sound effects comprised of blasting shotguns and grenades blowing up. It opens with an unforgettable ragga-induced hook from Royal Fam's own toaster Micky Jarrett.
  5. Ya I got a good idea. On the ones we're combining, we should do it a bit differently, like have a versus thing going or something. I'm not exactly sure of the set up yet, but you get the idea...Deuces vs. Immaculate...In this corner...
  6. Do me a favor and combine Crime Saga with Death be the Penalty, this will free up space for the Renaissance Rap remix.

    Also, combining Real Niggaz with Why it gotta be like this will make things easier too.
  7. you're all set, 5 up for ya.
  8. to toast is a term used for that ragga/reagge/dancehall way of singing/talking over music.. not sure if "toaster" is useable as a word though haha, we might wanna change that.

    i meant that Ghost and Doom's verses on "Angelz" is a lyrical flip on the shit that 'Charlie's Angels' was about. i'm not sure but "Remington Steele" kept popping up in my head when i was listening to it lol.
  9. It opens with an unforgettable ragga-induced hook from own ?toaster? Royal Fam's Micky Jarrett.

    I don't understand what this means..help

    Angelz sample is not Charlie's Angels, I don't think, just listened to the whole thing. It seems to me it came from the 80's, a show that came on before Dynasty, but I just can't place it.

    I dunno...
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