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  1. please tell me you still have them. I fucked up man. I'm really sorry if you have to do them over.
  2. Man, i hope i didn't erase those, I was editing when you posted them.
  3. i added three more reviews ("Dat's Gangsta", "Gun Will Go" and "The Game"). that's 12 for today but i think i'm done for today! just got back home, been record shopping, getting some wax and hanging out with a friend who just got out and i haven't met in about 2 years now

    how's everything with you my friend?
  4. phew, i'm mentally exhausted.. i just wrote 9 reviews, most of them 3 paragraphs and a few "only" two LOL. i got a feeling you gonna enjoy these tho.

    it went a lot better writing now after having had a long break from it
  5. i'm about to do some writing so you know!
  6. it was 3 am when you made that messsage
  7. btw what time is it in your time zone, like 5 in the morning or something?
  8. thanks my man, i really appreciate it!
  9. as long as you keep updating your blog, I'll keep reading it. peace.
  10. no problem fam, but thx though. it was a great birthday, i went to my hometown where i grew up and got drunk and whatnot with as good as all my homies who's still living there. i was real happy with the night, altho we ended up in two ridiciolous beefs that turned into fights (yeah we kicked their asses but it was still pointless).

    i know man, i know. i've been meaning to try to write some reviews but then i just keeps pushing it back. for one i don't really listen to Wu-Tang right now, maybe 1% out of 100% every month or so. even when i wrote most of those reviews (not all but many) i wrote them from my memory because i've heard many of these joints so many times it ain't even funny. still got nothing but love for the Wu. plus i got my blog going and posting on various forums and the summer is here, but trust, i will try to do some major work there soon.

    do you ever visit my blog btw still, whatchu think of it? what's positive, what's negative in your opinion? peace
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