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  1. Do you know who produced House Nigga by Deck?
  2. ok, cool, hit up the track review index for a couple questions
  3. 4th Disciple is up now
  4. nah man, course not.. just haven't tooken the time to continue w/ 4th Disciple yet but i'll get there
  5. What happened? Gave up?
  6. Yea, that's exactly how I feel. We can lump all the other Wu-Tang member production into one post because they won't be that prolific, but True, 4th and Math as well as cilva and bronze should have their own posts. I't's take out the trash day (A day I created because I knew it would be hard to get people to bump bad songs...) Any duds u got on request?
  7. yeah you're right, 4 songs a year is really low lol.. but i doubt he can make a living off only music based on that cuz as far as I know he ain't a DJ as far as touring goes. quality over quantity though and hopefully he saved alot of heat for that "Master Craftsman" he's supposed to drop on BabyGrande. btw I read that the Raekwon track "Olympus" is supposed to appear on that LP.

    yeah i'm gonna start working on 4th Disciple in a minute, but i think it should be separate posts for RZA, True Master, 4th Disciple, Allah Mathematics and maybe Bronze and Cilva, cuz they much more prolific than say Rebel INS, and we can lump together the rest.
  8. I really find it amazing. he started his career in '95. 15 years later he has 60 tracks....that's 4 songs a year! I wish I could make a living off doing 4 songs a year!

    Are you going to do 4th disciple in the next post or combine them? I erased my post so you can use yours.
  9. yep that definitely works better.. it's gonna be a great section/discography when it's finnished, very useful for Wu fans.

    btw the True Master discography looks about right, but i admit i was a bit suprised the first time i compiled his shit to find only like 60 joints. at least he's never hit us with a weak joint!
  10. Ok, so I did a little tweeking. I didn't want that producer post to go on forever
    so I capped it at RZA, deleted two posts and moved it to your post. In addition, I created a post index in post 1 which will take you where you need to go without scrolling through everything. I like it. What do you think? Try it out and get back to me.
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