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  1. You would think True Master would have a bigger catalog...I counted 62 tracks?
  2. I'm gonna put Dilla for now and if more info appears we can change it
  3. exactly. i'm very unsure about who's the actual producer off that record, as you say "Move" which appears on the same track is credited to Dilla and the sample that's used for 'Renaissance Rap' was originally used by Dilla on the track "featuring Phat Kat" from 'Welcome to Detroit'. don't know
  4. Any idea on a producer? On that album the song move is attributed for J Dilla, but no producer is given for the hidden track.
  5. "Renaissance Rap" is a hidden track on 'The Renaissance' which have the same beat and same Q-Tip verse but the remix with Rae and them was never released more than onto the internet and radio.

    it is however included on one of Raekwon's mixtape, i think it was "Staten Go Hard Vol. 1" so use that as album for the song.
  6. Is the renaissance rap remix on anything? I found the youtube vid, but don't see it on discogs...
  7. It looks great! I'll hop on those reviews soon. peace
  8. aight didn't know that, "Renaissance Rap (Remix)" and "Skew It On The Bar-B" is some nice ish.

    btw i'm more or less done with the RZA discography now. i'm completing 2009 right now in a .txt file so i'll update that real soon.
  9. I'm doing Raekwon tracks today since it's his birthday, any requests?
  10. The way you have it is perfect. Only thing I would suggest is to color code the titles, but that's up to you.
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