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  1. Sorry, I missed your birthday shout. Here's belated wishes.

    I got back on the grind. We gettin lazy with this. Hit me up later.
  2. yes, although I am not a fan.
  3. aight, i'll check it out, thx! lol, i remember that Seal track from back then, you're right it was from the Batman Forever soundtrack. i haven't been writing anything since then either but will do so.

    it's becoming quite obvious that we both need to take breaks every now and then from the project, which is perfectly fine imo, because it's huge and whenever it's done, it will be done. is it the Easter holidays in US this weekend as well?
  4. I finally got around to editing the stuff you did on the 9th. Only faux pas was the lead single to Batman Forever was Kiss from a Rose by Seal. Everything else was great. I've been in a haze lately, no pun intended.
  5. Yea, saw the whole season months ago. I won't ruin it for you, but it's a great show.
  6. pretty much the same here so it's nice to finally see the sun haha. watching this remotely new series called "Boardwalk Empire" right now, have you seen it? Martin Scorscese directed the first episode and is also an exec of the show and i think the makers of "Sopranos" is behind it too. great watch
  7. We got 30" of snow in December so we had a wall of snow until March. It's finally all gone and it's 55F and Sunny. Too hot for a hoodie so I'm going double T-shirt.
  8. pretty damn sweet actually, the sun is shining and today and yesterday was the first day of the year i could leave the winter jacket at home. it's been a long winter tho, real long. same for you over there too?
  9. hey bud, how's the weather on that side of the Earth?
  10. Ich Kenne Nichts = I've Never Seen

    as far as Northstar goes Popa wu says one thing, Rae says another, i'm not sure either. Leave it be.

    It's digitized.

    I'll go over them in a few.
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