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  1. Yeah he said that he'll come back, just don't know when.

    In the meantime


    some new shit from rhymesayers...I love it
  2. damn, for real..? You better check and find out with who, I need to know haha.

    Yeah man Earl's going to be back with some more dope shit I'm sure eventually, but idk, Mellowhype defiitely makes OF for me.
  3. I feel ya. Mike G could also have a collabo album, I forgot with whom.

    Can't really hate on Odd Future....but Earl is missing. Earl was the main thing.
  4. Glad that the only dude I give a fucka bout on this forum also is digging Goblin. Man, can't wait for Mike G's new album and Mellowhype. YA FEEL ME?
  5. damn that's fucked up man, yeah i have been enjoying most of the wu shit i have been listening to but then again i haven't been hearing that much. I'm really waiting for Liquid Swords 2. what dont you like about newer wu? I loved Deck's Manifesto..

    I've been listening to a lot of Odd Future so i'm lookin forward to Goblin, other then that i haven't heard too much super new shit. hieroglyphics dropped single in january that shit was sick, looking for that album to come, and then Trademark too. That dude is cold
  6. I still don't know what I'm still doing here. I don't even know why I check for Wu-Tang related music, it just isn't fresh anymore.

    And people in the HipHop Shop with the same fucking threads over and over again.

    So yeah. I'm in my hater mode currently. Which albums in 2011 do you like the most right now?
  7. ayyyye man how you been? what's new? i haven't been on this bitch for a minute but there's been some sick new hip hop that's been comin out so i had to hit it up again
  8. cool. been working a lot lately...and I'm really dissappointed about the Wu lately, so I guess I have no motivation coming back here anymore
  9. how you been dude?
  10. Thanks.
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