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Conversation Between Surreptitious and Ghost In The 'Lac

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  1. What new music you got?
  2. thats where I came up, why do you ask?
  3. so i heard your known in north carolina huh?
  4. and thats the only time?

    What the fuck is up with the system

    I don't agree with you most the time cause you're a shit starting asshole

    And most recently I posted a story that a 10 y/o would have

    Anyways, peace homie, I will always give you a little hell
  5. oh no wait only vat can give neg rep, i take that back - i had a pos rep off you on the 18th dec
  6. im pretty sure the only rep i got off you has been negativly charged famfam. idk how that shit works cus skampo hits me off with a neg rep as a daily operation lol.
  7. How many times have I repped you?

    I got that must spread around bullshit?

    Cause Skampoes fatass has never repped me and lied that he got that response trying to rep me

    shit weak
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