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  1. i appreciate it yo and im bout to peep your thread right now...
  2. Peace fam, your new shit is bangin'
    I'll hit you up with a review once it's consumed
    I'm still waiting on that collabo....

    And check out my thread especially the last page....you'll see.
  3. yo p.e.a.c.e i dropped my EP check the audio section G
  4. yo peace Whers..do u have cd cover making skills? far as the GFX go?
  5. yo peace, upped the EP in the audio booth, lemme kno what u think g, 100
  6. yo peace fam, we releasin a 10 track ep for free dl, itll be up in the audio section soon make sure u check that out,100
  7. word, im sure we can make something g,100
  8. Yeah I have and he's dope, I'd like to jump on a track with you one day
    Once I got everything sorted I'll let you know, cool ?
  9. coming along real official, im actually gonna have a cat form the UK feature on a joint, u heard of Cyrus Malachi?
  10. I here you, belive me, the temple is kinda similar.
    We're woking on it.

    Hows your album coming ?
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