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  1. it was nothing special for me. spent the day fixing someone's pc, then came home and slept cos of lack of sleep. had my cousin and her mate come over after they finished working and they celebrated all night while i was asleep.
  2. Haha, I'm on Facebook but FarmVille is just really unappealing to me, lol.

    Hmm... same as every other day for me You?
  3. it's good that you're not wasting too much time on here. i've kind of lost interest now too, well it's been replaced by farmville. i've been on facebook for about 3 weeks and i'm addicted to farmville now. sad! lol.

    glad to hear you're well. how did your christmas and new year's go?
  4. Hey, yeah I haven't been on this site too much. It's having a positive effect... lol.

    Yeah I'm cool anyway. How are you?
  5. hello,

    haven't seen you around lately. hope things have been good.
  6. I'm too good for my own good.
  7. well, i'm a friend of the groom's and not the bride. so i don't know anyone from the bride's side. but i'm single, so i want to look my best when i get there.
  8. Basically, you want to do a ting with one of the bride's brothers, amirite?
  9. the bride's side of the family is quite wealthy and influential. i can't look like a fool at this wedding, there's pressure.
  10. Why do women have to complicate things?

    Pick a bloody outfit and wear it! Unless of course you're trying to impress. lol.
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