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  1. i don t know yet , is it in San Bernardino? the last couple of shows for rock the bells has been there i think . i dont know , i havent heard or seen shit for it
  2. Tight, I'mma be going there for that Rock the Bells shit in August!

    You going? I heard that ampitheatre was wack...
  3. thats cool. yeah, im originally from Bell Gardens in the 562, it is located like about 20 miles southeast of Downtown L.a. , but right now im staying in the 909
  4. Thanks dog...I think I'mma have to change it though...I don't wanna have any ex-Lakers on there. I think I'mma get one with Ron Ron next.

    I'm from the 805. You in so-cal?
  5. whats up rode block , that laker sig is pretty tight , you stay in southern cali ?
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