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  1. LOL....like KILLAH said, "You've created a monster 7th!!!" It's out of your control now Dr. Frankenstein.

    Glad I could get down on one of ur jams. It had a flow to it and I just rode the beat.
  2. well it made me laugh lol, nice verse on my jam by the way.... props!!
  3. Lol @ that Terry Crews gif from Old Spice!!! BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK!!!
  4. I posted a break and sample for ur battle holmes.
  5. wassup fam, all is good thanks hope everything is cool your end!! I'll pick this up when i get a chance............ peace
  6. Peace fam! Hope all is well...Check the new SP tape por favor.

  7. hahah niiiiiiiiiiice welcome to the club fam
  8. Shit is ill homie...saved up some dough and today is the day I get my SP 404. It awaits with my name on it @ Guitar Center. I can't wait to see what I can drop on that lil number.
  9. right click the solo or mute button you want to use, select edit remote override mapping and a menu comes up. choose select from source and then hit the pad/button or whatever you want to use to trigger it
  10. Word...there's alot I still don't know about Reason and the MPD, so I'm still trying to navigate the program. Appreciate the tip for sure.
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