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  1. I know you might be busy, but if you fancy yourself a good compilation maker...


    note the requirements:

    13 tracks TOTAL
    only from 91-95
    at least 1 track EACH including the following rappers Kool G Rap, Snagglepuss, and Kurupt (note it doesn't have to be their song, but featuring)
    no Wu-Tang Tracks, and no songs by only the same group (I.E. no Wu-Gambinos/Protect Ya Neck and no Cession at the Doghillie by Smif-N-Wessun)

    deadline is on the 10th of December
  2. i found a link to the Lyrical Swords rmx in HQ, this shit is DOPE.. this should definitely have been a bonus track on "Grandmasters"

  3. no problem man, that shit is hard as fuck as hell to find.. i did find a full stream of the track tho, but i can't rip audio straight from the computer since i got my new laptop. maybe you can rip it with audacity or something?

  4. and I also forgot to note, when the fat lady sings is missing some files, the clean versions and the acapella
  5. nah I was mistaken, it's not on the GrandMasters Remix Album, and I also thought that it was the Lyrical Swords (Pawn Remix) on the Dubstep LP. So I'm still looking for the same one you're looking for
  6. you're the fucking man Tron, thanks and rep.
    i never copped the "Grandmasters" remix album (i assume thats the one altho "Lyrical Swords" was not on the OG album), it wasn't on the one i downloaded years ago but please upload it. was it a hidden bonus track or something?
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