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  1. Ahh ok looks nice, don't like Beef though, havent really had it much, don't eat out of respect in my house for my mum though,Hindu's generally don't eat beef
  2. that one in the picture looks to have bad meat to hominy ratio, my shit is about 1/3 meat to 1/3 hominy and 1/3 liquid
  3. sho is here's what it looks like
  4. Idk what menudo is, is it a Mexican dish?
  5. shit it's like i spent since 3:30 in the morning preparing it, cuz it takes about 3 1/2 hours to make. but oddly enough when it was ready to eat i wasn't hungry, but then i get hungry and then i spill it. shits came out good tho
  6. haha
  7. 18? damn that means you were born in what 1992? damn, doesn't that long ago, and yet it is... shit i just spilled some menudo all over my floor
  8. yeah i was reading about contract issues, like with RVD with reduced appearances(shame because hes awesome) spose its the price you pay for high rollers. and lol i love the royal rumbles, im 18, remember watching that stuff when i was younger. i even named one of my rabbits steve austin haha
  9. actually right now i'm watchin the 1997 royal rumble on dailymotion. that's the one where stone cold wins. i didn't know that mexican wrestlers mil mascaras, cibernetico, & latin lover participated, hahaha.
  10. it's probably more like $45, but it's all because of sting's, hogan's, flair's, nash's, rvd, etc., etc. contracts eating up all the money. that's why you see shit like "your suspended til further notice" or the whole rvd "hurt" angles. appearance fees must be a nightmare
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