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  1. peace sun thanks, chea i'd almost prefer you crafted somthing fresh out the sands!

    take yo time

  2. nice nice!
    advancements is dopeee. most of my unheard shit is being saved for my next album, i might have to make some new shit and hit ya back -
  3. No doubt, aight well I'll jus drop youtube linkz here for you.


    Just off the top. The first ones an album sampler, I'm the cat wit the deeper voice and rhymes second lol.
  4. peace!
    yo hit me with some of your work so i can get a feel for your style, i cant recall anything ive heard off the top. i got some shit in my stash tho!
  5. P.E.A.C.E LORD.

    Its past due time.
    The people requested, and shall receive. You should create / digout a beat you want me too divide the molecules of. word up sun , let me know

    Menes Ra

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