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Conversation Between ChristO and BornPower
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  1. ChristO
    10-04-2011 09:42 PM
    peace, for the like minded...I wrote it before, blood scream soo woo, but wu scream soo, blood...meaning, that tzu-wu the sun [sun tzu/wu] being summoned...if blood calling out the sun, it's beyond their knowledge, but the bloods identify abel come as the sun...the wu ether been summoning up the sun who was The Father...wu not conscious yet that The Father was born again in phila. pa., s.p. specifically...it won't be traced by the 85 or the flesh...how abel, sun tzu, and The Father [and etcetera] is the same being...
    ...pardon self if this is way advanced or what have you...for whoever wanna' help me out with this without tryin' a' clown, makin' themselves targets...so that I can be brought outta' retirement...
    ...anyway, yeah kuts, I'll keep goin' with the in-formation if I have no objections...peace...
  2. BornPower
    01-12-2011 11:23 PM

    a new year brings another opportunity to expand the cipher. I do not feel that some of these cats get what this could be but I do not get that from you. I say we build this to another level.
  3. ChristO
    10-14-2010 07:04 PM
    peace soldier. and one.
    ...I breaks down the codes between the phi and the chi 'pon request...
    ...south side union, when s.p. call me back...

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