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  1. We gonna slap em up side the head and then make em slap they own self!!!!!! Im still cookin. You should have 5 bangers to chose from in about 2 days.thats my word.

    We got a LOT of views yesterday. I dropped that video at 7pm and by the time I went to sleep we was ready to hit 100.

    thats whats up
  2. let punch'em in the grill one more time!
  3. hahaha word up
  4. WE DID IT DUDE!!!! hahahaha

    video is up. SPREAD THAT MF LIKE A ..... MF!!!!!!

    PEACE and I got you some mo fire coming.buhleeee dat! hahaha1
  5. coo
  6. what up just tore into that beat. gonna have it posted within a half hour
  7. already! def cant wait to hear this.
  8. started writing to the joint

    i'm the type to drop a foul line an slice ya pappa
    twist a proper j an squish the lemon on the fish an pasta
    slick imposters catch a clip an dip i hit the casa
    polly wit a blizz of chronic copped it from the digi rasta...
    off the top with it my freestyle methodical
    illogical your rhymes are comical i hate to bother you
    but shut up - i disect the rhythm to a molecule
    atop the SP where the beat became symbolical

    the flow is sharp
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