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  1. You gonna be around this weekend? I'm trying to throw down.
  2. Peace! good look. i was waiting for you to come thru and bless. I'm on it!
  3. peep it and write to it
    white eagle12.mp3 - 14.73MB
  4. yo come vote in the arena. bob is smashing
  5. New beat son peep that nisht in the audio booth!!!! Beauty"frozen in the moment"..
  6. thank you fam!!!! yo stay writin kid, STEADY devotion.
  7. I couldn't comment on that battle thread you had, so I'm a bless you here. Listening on my shitty laptop speakers, your beat, sonically, was heads and shoulders above what dude came with. No question. It's not even a debate. You got this God.
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